Hire a Virtual Sales Assistant –> SARA (Sales Automation Research Assistant)

What does SARA do?

  1. Using sales AI SARA monitors 65+ sales triggers among your customers, LinkedIn connections and prospects
  2. SARA can compile prospect lists based on addresses, competitors, software, and thousands of layers of complexity
  3. SARA can monitor your company’s website traffic and identify anonymous website visitors
  4. SARA helps you recruit referral partners for your LeadExchange.org network
  5. SARA can prepare you for meetings by building a comprehensive background check for any company
  6. SARA can help automate your email campaigns to prospects/clients based on automated email templates you create related to sales triggers

To get started (how to get started), have SARA either build you a list of prospects, or upload a target list of companies and SARA will take care of the rest. A daily emails summarizes ALL changes (see sample report) across any accounts you ask us to monitor. Your partner portal will also supply real-time changes among your target base in addition to your website traffic.

Sales Automation Research Assistant