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With the help of an invisible tracking pixel, we help you identify businesses who visit your website in real-time.

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What We Monitor:

Office Moves

Are your customers moving? The Ensable Sales AI can predict future office moves months before they happen.

Software Changes

Did your client just add a new CRM? Get real-time software changes new/removed through the Ensable Sales AI on thousands of software products.

Social Alerts

Track any LinkedIn profile for title updates, job changes, articles, certifications, and relevant profile updates.

Anonymous Website Traffic

If your prospects don't tell you who they are when they visit your website, you will never find them again. By using a simple invisible tracking pixel, we can detect the businesses who visit your website with their public IP address

Executive Changes

Stay informed about who is joining/leaving any company without being connected to the individual on LinkedIn

Bad Reviews

Did someone complain about your prospect's phone service, did an employee quit due to a lack of training? Ensable monitors all online reviews both from customers and employees to help you identify companies experiencing pain.


Did your client buy someone? Did someone buy them? Stay informed about acquisitions with the customer tracker.


Stay informed about product launches, layoffs, downturns, security breaches, regulatory changes, restructuring, awards, joint ventures and much more.


Are your prospects hiring for IT, HR, Security, Contact Center Reps, Etc.? Get real-time updates about what clients needs are.

Cloud Updates

Is your client's server under performing? Has their website traffic seen a drastic increase/decrease in virtual foot traffic? Is there cloud contract up for renewal? Have they outgrown their current solution? Get real-time cloud server stats about your prospects/clients.


Did your prospects/clients get approved for new funding? If you're not aware of the new investment, it's hard to help them spend it. Track any company anywhere for new investments.

Email Issues

Was your client's email recently included in a hack? Is your client's email server blacklisted? Did your client move from Gmail to M365? Keep tabs on your client's email challenges with the Ensable Sales AI

Weather Alerts

Are your clients in the path of a natural disaster? Help them prepare their disaster recovery plan with extreme weather alerts

Vendor Outages

Did your client's SaaS provider go down again? Stay informed about SaaS outages that impact your clients

Custom Alerts

Have an idea for a new alert? We can build almost any custom alert free of charge

"I couldn't find these alerts anywhere else. Ensable is the only place I can find relevant data"

~ Jason Para, CEO of BroadString